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Graphite Grid
const grid = useGraphiteGrid();

return <GraphiteGrid
state={grid} />

An unrivaled developer experience with an intuitive user interface, allowing your organization to manage Data Grids with elegant simplicity

Graphite Grid is designed for performance, unparalleled functionality, and ultimate reliability, ensuring it can withstand the most demanding usage scenarios without sacrificing adaptability or efficiency.
Advanced Features

Develop smarter and build applications that deliver exceptional performance regardless of growing data volume and complexity

Propel your business forward with the market's most cutting-edge, feature-rich, advanced data grid
Sophisticated Column Templating
Precisely define and customize your web applications' visual structure and data presentation.
Advanced 'yet simple' Filters
Find exactly what you are looking for with an expressive filter model that is easy to understand and extend.
Column & Row Pivots
Explore complex data relationships, gain deeper insights, and dynamically rearrange and summarize large datasets to discern trends and patterns.
Multiple Rendering Modes

Reimagine your Approach to Grid Rendering


Retargetable Rendering

By separating grid state from view logic, Graphite Grid enables a single unified state model to support various render targets, declaratively or imperatively. It comes equipped with a DOM and Canvas renderer, providing developers with flexible, high-performance options.

Reactive Signal State

Leveraging the UI practice of signals, Graphite Grid's state is declarative and consistent, ensuring integration with your application. With React in mind, Graphite Grid is the only JavaScript data grid constructed using React's state management primitives.

Enterprise Solutions

How Graphite Grid Allows Enterprises to Harness Complexity

Server Driven or Client Driven Data

Graphite Grid seamlessly adapts to various data sources and loading patterns, meeting your organization's needs. Its adaptable architecture displays data precisely as required without limiting data handling techniques, allowing for the selection of the most effective data-loading strategies.

High-Frequency Data

Graphite Grid efficiently handles high-frequency data updates, minimizing the browser's main thread load. Our sophisticated display update mechanism ensures smooth, responsive performance without missing a data tick or losing a frame, even under the most demanding conditions.

Smart Virtualization

Graphite Grid intelligently optimizes screen content to allocate system resources solely for content important to the user. By rendering only the visible portion of data, it maximizes efficiency and significantly speeds up load times by eliminating unnecessary processing.

Everything you need

Navigate Development Intricacies with a Full-Spectrum Grid Solution for your Enterprise

Day 1 Advantage

Supercharge all your applications within days with the only data grid solution your enterprise will need.

Handle Exponential Data with Exceptional Efficiency

Build your applications on a rock-solid foundation and drive smarter decisions with tools that can harness your data's evolving complexity without stopgaps or compromise.

Break Free from Traditional Data Grid Limitations

Revolutionize your development process by eliminating time and resources on inadequate, disruptive, and underperforming data grids.

One Data Grid, Limitless Solutions

High-volume real-time rendering, multiple open views, complex application configurations. Regardless of the usage case, lead with Graphite Grid.

Starting has never been easier

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